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3 responses to “Reviews

  1. Annika took our group of 6 family and friends for a three hour lesson last week. All relatively competent riders we went into the lesson not really knowing what to expect but wanting to improve our technique to conquer the trails with a bit more skill and less luck. We thoroughly enjoyed the full three hours of our lesson and couldn’t believe how much we could learn in a short space of time. We have managed to make some great changes to our cycling style and all agree we feel like we can now control our bikes through the trails rather than our bikes taking us for a ride. Annika was a great teacher and adapted the session to our needs and levels. We would highly recommend booking in for a lesson with Annika. Thanks very much – look forward to seeing you around the Redwoods! Emily + Co

  2. I had seven hours of lessons with Annika last week and recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their riding skills.

    Her race history is impressive, as you might well know, but her background in sport and education carries just as much weight in her lessons.

    She listens to what you want and tailors her tuition around your needs, knowledge and abilities. Annika understands bike mechanics and body mechanics, so she doesn’t just say “do this” or “do that”, she explains how things work and why they work that way, helping you understand why her recommendations will give you more control and make you a better rider.

    She is also good company. It’s neat to see someone of her skill in action, but on top of that, she’s great fun to ride with. Given the friendly reactions of those we met on the trails, she is clearly a popular member of the mountain biking community.

    I’m looking forward to another lesson when I’m next in Rotorua. It’s well worth the investment. Thanks Annika!

    Jo Taylor

  3. I learn’t more in 2 hours coaching with Annaka than 21 years mountain biking. I never realised how wrong I was doing about it.

    New tracks have now opened up for me that I wouldn’t have attempted before.

    If you’re procrastinating about lessons, STOP. Book a lesson now and take your MTB’ing to the next level.

    You won’t be disappointed.

    Murray Piesse

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