Let’s Ride! – and find your riding potential

Skills upgrade for mountain bikers because the better you get at riding your bike the more fun you have.

Learn to:

  • Ride with more Confidence. 
  • Stay in Control 
  • Go Faster
  • Have more Fun.

For all mtb riders from beginner to advanced,  for all age groups and any fitness levels.

Why choose me as a coach?

  • I love mountain biking and want you to enjoy it as much as I do.
  • My teaching is based on personal experience as well as from studying at tertiary level.
    • I raced mountain bikes for many year starting in 2006. I raced at national and international level and different disciplines; mainly: cross country, marathon, xterra and enduro.
    • My qualifications are: Degree in Sport Management, Diploma in Sport Coaching &  Post Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching (PE, Outdoor Recreation and Health)

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Let’s Ride!

Annika Smail, Rotorua, New Zealand


022 4288 158